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Psychologist Freud believed that dreams are the satisfaction of subconscious desires. In a sober state, people can effectively suppress the subconscious, so that those desires that violate moral customs cannot do whatever they want. But when a person enters a sleep state or a relaxed state, some desires evade subconscious checking. At this time, desire secretly emerges from the level of consciousness and expresses itself in various images. This is the formation of dreams.

Dreams are a substitute for human desires, and it is the main way to release repression. Man experiences this coveted instinctual satisfaction in the form of a fantasy. The fire of desire hidden in the subconscious is suppressed and cannot be satisfied due to practical reasons. The impulse and repression in the subconscious struggle constantly, forming a pair of contradictions, which in turn forms a driving force. This drive makes the desire find another way or fulfillment, which is the dream.

We believe that every dream has its meaning; and people's daily stress and emotions affect our dreams accordingly. This website attempts to deeply explore the meaning of dreams with the help of psychology, behavior, scientific evidence and expert advice, trying to make people more aware of their undiscovered subconscious.

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